Calibration Baths

Specification :

Gaining the right to a measuring instrument capable of measuring or testing the ability of the process is called calibration. The most common methods for the heat calibration is liquid calibration baths. These are the main characteristics sought in the baths:


>  Reaching the desired temperature in a very short time

>  Holding the liquid temperature stable very sensitively

>  Easy to do measurements with all temperature sensors


Labo Calibration Baths are developed for these features. The products which are uni- versal models are appropriate to all temperature calibration measurements and corre- spond all needs of their users.


Kind of Measured Sensors;


Initially, Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, ptc, ntc, k, j, t, e, l, u, n, r, s, b sensors, infrared thermo sensors, digital and analog thermometers, glass thermometers and many of tempera- ture sensors’ calibration can be done easily.