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Acid Cleaners

What acid cleaner does?

Clean labware is essential for trace metal analysis.
Traditional cleaning procedures of labware with nitric acid such as acid soaking and microwave digestion blank cleaning can betime consuming and yield less-than-ideal results. We are pleased to offer today's lab technician a better solution.
The acid cleaner is also known as Acid Steam Cleaning System or Trace Cleaning System. It uses acid vapor to clean the vessels in a sealed chamber. Through a built-in temperature-control heating system, all trace metal contaminants that are soluble in acid can be safely and efficiently removed by acid vapor. The used acid will then be drained from the chamber to prevent the extracted contaminants from being reintroduced to the cleaned vessels.

Why acid cleaning?

With our motto “invention and innovation”, Amerlab launches the all new acid purification system, AP200, to follow-up the highly successful AP100 model. AP200 keeps all the original technologies applied in AP100 while evolving to be more efficient, safer and more user-friendly all the while including multiple patent technologies. Along with its outstanding performance, the AP200 redefines acid purification systems.

Cleaning without the hassle​!

In 2015, Amerlab set the bar for labware cleaning with the AC100 Auto Cleaner which offered a unique three-in-one unit capable of automated acid cleaning, rinsing and drying. This innovation offered new levels of efficiency and quality control and was highly praised by the market.
In 2017, Amerlab launched the AC100 upgraded model AC200, which combines our traditional advantages and many innovative features, and has been highly praised by the market.
Today, Amerlab is pleased to offer the AC300 which not only further optimized the acid steam cleaning function, but also added acid purification options. AC300 can automatically purify the waste acid after cleaning and perfectly recycle the acids.

Fully Automated - Pre-cleaning, Acid cleaning, Water rinsing and Drying

We consider more than cleaning

Real Temperature Control (RTC)

Sub-boiling Guaranteed
Accurate measurement is essential for precise control.
The Teflon treated sensor directly monitors the actual acid temperature in real time. This ensures that the acid vapor is generated under an ideal sub-boiling condition.
Traditional cleaners only monitor the heater‘s temperature. This results in less accuracy of the measuring, less control of the acid temperature and lower purity of the acid vapor.

One-Way Vapor Technology(OWV)

No secondary contamination from the waste acid
OWV ensures that the used acid is drained directly from the system so there is no reflux into the acid reservoir risking contamination. In traditional techniques, the waste acid will repeatedly reflux into the acid reservoir and evaporate. As a result, the waste acid constantly contaminates the pure acid. The resulting vapor becomes dirtier and the cleaning efficiency worsens. Consequently, even with trace metal grade pure acid only ppb-level cleaning can be achieved.

Acid Vapor Scrubber

No hood needed
Traditionally, both the cleaning chamber and the waste bottle required an air vent to maintain air pressure balance, resulting in inevitable acid vapor leakage.
AC300 uses a unique high-performance acid vapor scrubber which eliminates this problem - yielding an absorbing efficiency over 99% and an adsorbing capacity of 50%.
Patent pending.

Made of PTFE

More durable, More versatile
All wetted parts are made of durable, acid resistant PTFE material.
PTFE, also known as Teflon, can resist concentrated acids including HF and aqua regia. There is no quartz containing ppm-level metal elements that is unable to resist hydrofluoric acid (HF). Digestion often involves HF.
No dead corners & Never crack
The cleaning chamber is an integrated unibody which will withstand many decades of simultaneous hot acid and high temperature. In contrast models made with multiple pieces are vulnerable to cracking, dead corners and accumulated dirt.

Real-time level monitoring

No inadequate cleaning or overflow
The level sensors monitor the real-time level of pure acid, pure water, waste acid, and waste water.
Once the low level of pure acid or water is detected, the cleaner will remind you to refill it before starting to prevent inadequate cleaning. Once the high level of waste is detected, the cleaner will not allow you to start the cleaning to avoid overflow.The AP 200’s safety performance is excellent. Even if the control system fails, the PTC heater will not heat the PTFE above 250℃, which ensures the safety of lab.

Unique PTC heater

No overheat
The maximum temperature is autonomously controlled by heater. Under the unlikely event that all temperature control systems have failed, the maximum temperature is autonomously controlled by the heater and will not exceed 250° (482°F) which prevents damage and risk of fire.

Automatic Acid Dilution

No chemical hazard
The dangerous concentrated acid can be automatically diluted to any desired concentration
Zero human contact with the acid
Patent pending

*The above technologies are patent pending in the US. All rights reserved.

AC300 makes your acid circulate!

The AC300 is not only perfect for acid cleaning, but also purifies the acid waste. Users only need to activate a checkbox for acid purification in the software. Even without replacing the acid bottle the AC300 automatically extracts waste acid for sub-boiling purification. For the next usage, purified acid is automatically collected into the pure acid bottle. The system is then automatically rinsed with ultrapure water and dried with hot air, which completes the purification process. The cleaner is then ready for its next task.

Why not recycle waste acid to protect the environment and save money?

AC300 Purification Testing Results

Experimental procedure: 20mL standard solution was diluted to 500mL with concentrated nitric acid then was subsequently pumped into the AC300 to be purified. 5mL of purified acid was tested by the ICP-MS and compared with the original concentrated nitric acid.
The results were excellent proving that the AC300 is the world’s pioneering acid cleaner-purifier. Even acid waste with ppm level impurities can be purified very close to pure acid.

ALL NEW Acid Vapor Scrubber

In response to the risk of a room full of toxic fumes, the AC300 is equipped with Amerlab's proprietary acid vapor scrubber. The acid vapor is condensed, collected, neutralized, online pH monitored and alkaline sorbent neutralized before being discharged. With this device, the AC300 does not need a fume hood.

All New AC300 Models

AC300 M with fully automated controller
Suitable for small lab, 24 x AntonPaar100mL liners , 40 x CEM 55mL or 18 x CEM100mL liners.
With full automation: Pre-cleaning, Acid vapor cleaning, Pure water cleaning and Hot air drying.
One-Way Vapor (OWV) is included.

AC300 L with fully automated controller
Suitable for medium or large lab, 41 x AntonPaar 56mL liners , 40 x CEM 55mL + 12 x CEM100mL liners, or 60 x CEM 55mL liners, or 30 x CEM 100mL liners .
With full automation Cleaning: Pre-cleaning, Acid vapor cleaning, Pure water cleaning, and Hot air drying.
One-Way Vapor (OWV) is included.

Choose Your Cleaning Racks

Amerlab has the best solutions for your scientific cleaning needs.
Amerlab invented the hollow steam pipe which is able to guide steam to the maximum levels. The steam sprays the inner surface of the vessel through the jet holes around the post. This greatly improves the cleaning efficiency. In contrast, the traditional solid support rod is unable to guide any steam. Furthermore, it even blocks the steam’s pathway.

General Cleaning Racks
Suitable for any vessel with ID > 15 mm
Microwave Digestion Liners
Hot Block Digestion Tubes
Centrifuge Tubes
Top Tray for Stoppers or Caps

Thinner Steam Pipe Rack
Suitable for 77 x thinner tubes with ID>10mm
15mL Centrifuge Tubes
15mL Hot Block Digestion Tubes
15mL UltraWave Digestion Tubes (Quartz or PTFE)

Ultra Wave Digestion Tubes Rack
10 x 50 mL + 60 x 15 mL
Quartz or PTFE Tubes
Top Tray for Stoppers or Caps

Volumetric Flask Cleaning Rack
Suitable for High Throughput Labs
14 x 25 or 50mL, or less 10 x 100mL
Up to 14 volumetric flasks

Pipette Tips cleaning rack
16 x 0.2 mL + 22 x 1 mL + 15 x 5 mL

Intuitive and powerful software

Everything starts with one click
It includes a graphical display and a 10-inch color touch screen. All settings are automatically saved and restored. The temperature sensor and liquid level sensors can be calibrated by the users.

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