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Reduce The Cost Of Laboratory Chemicals

By Nilesh Patankar on June 23, 2020

With the majority of Quality Control labs using ICP-MS to perform trace metals analysis, the need for highest purity grade (10 ppt) acid to meet ICP-MS reagent quality requirements has increased substantially for the last couple of years. Apart from ICP-MS application, ultrapure acids are also widely used in AAS, ICP-OES, AFS and other spectroscopy analysis; however, buying high purity grade of acid can be expensive. Especially, post Covid-19 pandemic laboratory budgets are coming under stringent control and reducing the cost of laboratory chemicals, while maintaining quality, has become a major concern for many laboratories. As a result, more and more laboratories may consider opting for producing their own high purity grade acids by purifying lower cost trace metal grade acids, which in turn can significantly reduce the cost of buying expensive ultrapure acids.

Amerlab has introduced the easiest and most cost-effective way to meet this market demand with the AP200 acid purification system. In this exclusive article, you will discover the benefits of using an AP200 acid purification system for your laboratory.

Sub-boiling principle

AP200 acid purification systems usepxhe proven technique of sub-boiling acid distillation to ensure a high purity acid vapor is produced, which then condenses to the desired high-purity acid on demand in any lab, at any time. Providing in-house and guaranteed high purity acid supply.

Entirely made of PTFE / PFA

Zero Acid Contact

Automatic acid refill, removal and cleaning with a programmable pump ensures no human contact.

Real Temperature Control

The real time temperature control technique helps in maintaining accurate acid liquid sub-boiling temperatures during the purification process.

No need for a hood

Traditionally, both the purification chamber and the purified acid bottle required an air vent to maintain air pressure balance, resulting in inevitable acid vapor leakage. AP200 uses a unique high-performance acid vapor scrubber which eliminates this problem. Thus, no hood required.

Peltier Semi-conductor cooler

AP200 uses the Peltier cooling technique to efficiently condense acid vapor. Compared with air cooling and water cooling, Peltier cooling has several advantages, such as excellent temperature stability, accurate temperature control (±1?), water saving and no bacteria breeding.

PTC semi-conductor heater

PTC heater used in AP200 will not heat the PTFE above 250 ?, Even if the control system fails, which ensures the safety of the lab.

Cost effectiveness

The purification of low-grade acids, which are more economical to purchase, can save up to 90% of the cost of procuring ultrapure acids. This can effectively payback for an acid purification system within one year depending on the consumption.

Distillation volume

Over a 24-hours period, AP200 Acid purification system can produce a good volume of ultrapure acid. One can get 850 ml out of 1 L impure acid.

To summarize, AP200 Acid Purifier gives you a convenience of in-house production of ultrapure acid through total automation with an excellent performance in a safe environment.

If you want to learn more about Amerlab Products or have any queries, then Lablink is at your help. Lablink is an authorized Channel partner of Amerlab Scientific LLC, USA and our team of experts can guide you on how you can significantly reduce the cost of laboratory chemicals using Amerlab Products.

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