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Acid Purifier

What acid purifier does?

The purity of acid is substantially important in trace-element and ultra-trace element analysis. The higher the purity, the lower the background.
Commercial high-purity acid is not only super expensive, but the purity drops after coming in contact with air.
The acid purification process is the most economical method for high-purity acid production.
Our Acid Purifier, known as Acid Purification System or Acid Distillation System, uses the sub-boiling technique to ensure a high purity acid vapor is produced, which then condenses to the desired high-purity acid widely used in AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS, AFS and other spectroscopy analysis.

All New AP200

With our motto “invention and innovation”, Amerlab launches the all new acid purification system, AP200, to follow-up the highly successful AP100 model. AP200 keeps all the original technologies applied in AP100 while evolving to be more efficient, safer and more user-friendly all the while including multiple patent technologies. Along with its outstanding performance, the AP200 redefines acid purification systems.

Real Temperature Control (RTC)

The specially treated temperature sensor has the same corrosion resistance as PTFE material. So, it can be directly immersed into the acid to measure the real temperature of the acid liquid instead of the heater. As a result, accurate temperature control ensures that the acid liquid maintains sub-boiling temperatures during the purification process.

Non-contact liquid level control

Three non-contact liquid level sensors monitor the level of raw acid and purified acid in real time. Once the level of raw acid is too low, or the level of purified acid is too high, the system will be immediately stopped in order to avoid the dry running or the acid overflowing. The third sensor will stop the pump from adding too much acid into the purifier.

No need for a hood

Traditionally, both the purification chamber and the purified acid bottle required an air vent to maintain air pressure balance, resulting in inevitable acid vapor leakage.
AP200 uses a unique high-performance acid vapor scrubber which eliminates this problem - yielding an absorbing efficiency which exceeds 99% and an adsorbing capacity of 50%. Patent pending.

More Productive
Up to 70 mL/hr

Too high a temperature causes the decrease of the purity dramatically. Too low a temperature causes the unbearable low production.
Thanks to RTC technique and the state-of-the art structure design, AP200 is able to control the temperature accurately and reasonably and get the best balance between efficiency and effect.

PTC semi-conductor heater

The AP 200’s safety performance is excellent. Even if the control system fails, the PTC heater will not heat the PTFE above 250℃, which ensures the safety of lab.

Peltier Semi-conductor cooler

AP200 uses the Peltier cooling technique to efficiently condense acid vapor. Compared with air cooling and water cooling, Peltier cooling has several advantages, such as excellent temperature stability, accurate temperature control (±1℃), water saving and no bacteria breeding.

Zero Acid Contact

Automatic acid refill, removal and cleaning with a programmable pump.

Entirely made of PTFE or PFA

All wetted parts are made of ultra pure PTFE or PFA, the best corrosion-resistive materials.

Excellent Performance

Can purify low-purity trace metal grade (1 ppb) to high-purity grade (10 ppt).

Purification Performance of the AP200 and AP200S in Semi-conductor Industry Unit: ng/L (ppt)

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