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Oxygen Analyzers

Hand O2 is used for determination of headspace and dissolved oxygen content in packages. Micro-invasive measurements are enabled by sensor tips smaller than 140 µm. Main application is packaging quality control in pharmaceutical food and beverage industry, i.e., measuring oxygen concentration in blister packs, vials, tubes, and other modified atmosphere packaging technology.

About the sensor

Chemical-optical oxygen sensor is designed for all research and packaging applications where a small tip size (<140µm) and fast response time (t90<1s) are necessary. The oxygen micro sensor is mounted in needle-type housing for easy application. The instrument is equipped with specially designed needle holder, which is also used for calibration processes.


  • No need of sample extractions
  • High accuracy & precision
  • No oxygen consumption during measurement
  • Different types of needle for various vials types


  • Pharmapack Software with automatic statistic report
  • IQ & OQ documentation
  • Slinity factor input for different salinity samples in vials
  • Suitable for aqueous solutions, ethanol, methanol

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